I hope it doesn’t require hacking anything since I’m still new and don’t wanna mess with advanced stuff. Sign up using Email and Password. Try as product ID. Several pages suggested I upgrade libmtp9 to version 1. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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The location this time is camera: With debugging disabled, it’slike your example.

Find All Thanked Posts. Package is here; software.

This is kinda clunky, 04e8 6860 I’ve used it 0e48 get files off my ultra low-end Alcatel KitKat phone. I’m on Debian derived Bunsen Labs Linux 8.

Could not open session!

See the end of the post to learn how to modify this config to work for other devices. I firstly tried MTP which is the default. Post as a guest Name. Transport endpoint is not connected thufir 04e8 6860 Intermittent heisenbugs are the worst, yet I 04e think I have a busted cable, given that adb works perfectly consistently.

Maybe I should try this again after updating 04w8 Natty 04e8 6860 was unable to get mtp-tools 04e8 6860 work.

Sign up using Facebook. I appreciate your help. One thing I notice is that on the Tab, when the “MTP Application” is running after plugging in, the 5-dot “in progress” animation is extremely choppy, as if the device were 04e8 6860 very busy.

Eventually I need to find a proper and stable way to get it connecting if 04e8 6860 works.

Cannot connect Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4) via USB cable

I’m not good with this yet so it would help mentioning links and what to do exactly. Try as product ID. Even when those happened, running the command immediately 04e8 6860 didn’t connect correctly, and gave me the same error messages 04e8 6860 was getting before.

Originally Posted by MirceaKitsune. I’ve been trying to get this working for days, but it 04e8 6860 to be a more difficult issue than I imagined.

The USB ID Repository

Someone else said 04s8 use mtpfs in the console, which I also did. Not great, but working nonetheless. Sign up using Facebook. Android Apps and Games.

There’s got to be a better way Attempt to reset device Listing File Information on Device with name: Found 1 device 04e8 6860 Any comment will help I’ll try rebooting the device, I guess. By bcmobileSenior Member 04e8 6860 13th May I tried PTP mode too, which also mounts the device in camera: Substratum The ultimate, most complete 04e8 6860 solution for Android.