You will need a massive cooler and quality mobo to get to that sort of overclock, but it shows how competitive the Piledriver chip can be made. It has improved engineer-pleasing goodies such as branch prediction and scheduling, but it is leaving the major architectural changes for the Steamroller update that ought to be arriving next year to give AMD a bit of help when Intel’s Haswell tips up. That said you don’t really need to have an overclocking mobo to push the Core i5 up over 4. Integrated GPU performance for parallel computing. Pros Cheapest processor out there that overclocks and gives a great performance.

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On stock settings, the FX comes well below the Core i however, ramp up the clock speeds and you immediately see a significant rise in scores. Amd fx 6300 all our tests, we felt it overclocked well, sometimes managing to beat current generation Intel processors in multi-core performance.

PassMark – AMD FX Six-Core – Price performance comparison

OC multi-threaded rendering performance Cinebench R Benchmark performance using all cores. Loads of motherboards still support this architecture and work well with it too.

That said you don’t really need to amd fx 6300 an overclocking vx to push the Core i5 66300 over 4. Multi-player gaming is not possible on this processor though most games amd fx 6300 play well. With six cores, it made sense to purchase this processor over expensive Intel rivals at the time.


With multi-core scores, when running at 4. By virtue of its Black Edition status, the overclocking is relatively easy amd fx 6300 gives you multiple ways – baseclock or multiplier – to get to the highest frequency you can.

The multi-threaded performance easily eclipses amd fx 6300 amx Core i5, and almost manages to do the same in single-threaded performance too. It is because of the performance of the FX and its overclocking abilities at such a low cost. PassmarkCPU rating of and Cinebench-6, At 95W then it’s a little more efficient than its progenitor.

Intel Core i5 K 3. Hyperthreading is ancient tech from original Pentium 4, AMD has never used it because it was deemed to slow down single threaded applications.

With the clockspeeds taking a cut compared to the previous processor, and a lower overall TDP to boot, you might be forgiven for thinking the overclocking prowess of this Piledriver CPU may have been compromised. The multi-threaded performance easily eclipses a stock Core i5, and almost manages to fxx the same in single-threaded performance too. Amd fx 6300 gaming performance Batman: I did have it booting at 5. Intel Core i3 Compare. Amd fx 6300 should squeeze more into each Bulldozer module to allow each core to function much more like a traditional CPU core, and should seriously beef up the single-threaded performance of the next generation processors.

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The FX was originally set to run at 3. The big bucks you save on this processor can be better spent on other peripherals and hardware.

What does work in favor of the FX though is its ability to drastically overclock. Being able to run happily at 5GHz is nothing to amd fx 6300 sniffed 600 and has the makings of a top budget CPU.

AMD FX-6300 Six-Core

Sure the temperature starts getting rather toasty under fd CPU cooler, but the performance figures take a huge jump too. PassMark Data courtesy Passmark. Before starting with the actual performance review lets quickly go through the specifications of the FX Integrated GPU performance for parallel computing. Amd fx 6300 to get a water cooler along with your CPU if you wish amd fx 6300 hit top clock speeds.

Fire Strike, CompuBench 1.

AMD FX-6300 Review

amd fx 6300 It’s almost the perfect sweet spot for budget gaming CPUs. Back when the FX released, the choice was simple. We put it through the rigors on Battlefield 4 and One.