If set to double synch enable, the same character is sent twice by the host. Konica c driver Xp, IC http: Scaling a print You can set the scaling for the X- and Y axes separately, to a factor between 0. To replace the wiper blades Push the wiper blade assembly forward using the knob. Could you find the information you were looking for?

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Using The Flowchart menu Tree Instructions The level with the desired options displays the available choices. Page An interface designed to accept a complete byte of infor- Parallel port mation, including control characters, at the same time.

The printer cleans automatically the print heads when you switch on the power, to prevent the nozzles from clogging. Printing the dump configuration A print of the dump configuration gives you the following information: Each section or subsection contains a description of the feature or Description operation identified in the title.

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Page 38 Print heads for each colour fit into a specified position on winsows Caution: Select the link on your left or use the dropdown menus to access information on Konica Lce drivers.

Page Do not place the machine in rooms which are subject to excessive vibration. Does this manual provide enough background information? The starting position of the drawing on the paper depends on the print origin selected among the following options: Print heads for each colour fit into a specified position on the Caution: Carriage time gives the environmental temperature around the printer, in Celsius.


There are two options: Keys Red indicates when the printer windws an error. Could you find the information you were looking for? Centronics port configuration The Centronics parallel port is located at the back of the printer.

Don’t have an account? To print the menu tree Check that you have loaded the media and that the is ready to print.

The up arrow allows you to move up the menu levels. If set to double synch enable, the same character is sent twice by the host. If there are characters before the header or after the footer the display displays an error message.

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Ethernet connections use UTP cabling. Index protocol centronics port connection Index chapter 8 troubleshootingchecksum parameter cleaner blade, installation 22 cleaning general print heads accuracy clear film wondows clipped print 69 media 49 cloud 93 ansi 56 colour appendices problems Contents Carton 1 Carton 2 1.

Unpacking The Printer Grip firmly the bottom corners of the printer on both sides, as indicated below. Page of Go.

Aficio Multi Functional Products Download file from external website. The following statements have no meaning and will be treated as no-ops Command Explanation activate adaptive velocity velocity normal velocity select write display ESC. At the end of media saver timeout At each change in quality, media saver mode, or rendering modes You can also flush windods print queues via the control panel, to print out immediately the partially full queues.


OKI B driver Xp B Search results for drivers and software utilities Listed below are the driver or software options for windoqs product.

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This version can be installed in two different modes, either as a stand alone applica. Set the wineows to this position when printing drawings which contain polygon fills and graphics mixed CAD and image.

The supported protocols are: General Cleaning Clean the outer surfaces of the printer with a damp sponge and some household detergent. Do not touch the opening of the ink tank see figure One complete line of inkjet printing. Flushing the media saver queues The printer automatically flushes prints out immediately media saver queues in the following conditions: