Low-light and nighttime shots are generally very poor and dark. In addition, you can setup additional button shortcuts by pressing the blue function key prior to the button. Camera The wx includes a 1. Do you think Plam Treo would be a good replacement for BB. I also don’t like emails can’t always be displayed correctly. It’s hands down my favorite Treo and one of my favorite handhelds ever. Facebook Twitter Google plus.

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The w is distinguished by a slightly lighter grey shade on its casing. The situation could cause the device to become sluggish or even freeze up when you run short on space. Like still shots, video is lacking in color, and is of average quality compared to other US camera phones with less jerkiness than most. Since Windows Mobile by design doesn’t offer a way to completely exit programs, it was all too easy to have lots of apps running and thereby slow down the device.

The keyboard is “tactile” to your fingernails–‘way too small for your fingers. The wx features twice the available program memory as the w, with a total of 48 MB free after a reset vs. The wx is otherwise nearly identical to the Treo w reviewed here.

Palm Treo w / wx specs

The Treo wx uses Microsoft’s no-frills Bluetooth stack which lacks Wizards or any other user-friendly way of walking you through the connection process. The Sprint version adds small icons for mute and plam the speakerphone when on a call, something the w lacks and has buried in the menu. They actually had success in putting a larger chip paln the w but thus far 70wx get WinMob to recognize it.

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You may also like. The Treo wx uses the same accessories as the Treop and w which means you can find new life for your old cradle, charger, sync cables and more. Gekko it is so: Any cell phone at or below these SAR levels that is, any phone legally sold in the U. Alas, x isn’t supported by Windows Mobile 5so you 700wc see less on screen compared to the Palm OS Treo and Treo p which run at x In addition, you can setup additional button shortcuts by pressing the blue function key prior to the button.

Palm Treo 700wx Reviews

Though the PPC and ‘s keyboards may be better, with the Treo wx you need not slide out and rotate the device to begin typing.

The wx comes with a standard Treo battery, stylus, USB sync cable, charger, adapter to use Treo chargers with the wx, stereo earbud headset with integrated mic, software CD with syncing software for Mac and Windows, a thick manual and an email quick start guide. Or “what’s my next appointment” and it tells you.

For each communication channel, the signals are encoded in a sequence 700wx to the transmitter and the receiver for that channel. Processor – The processor is the main computing component of a phone and is a major factor when it comes to the overall speed of the device.

If you have large fingers, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Palm Treo 700wx

Despite the shortcomings i will say it is a good device because it does what it says and it is a very straight forward easy device that is good for kids, adults, and buisness users. It’s an awesome device.

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Pslm are some of the most have software that should be added or is what comes “in the box” where I should start. Before you buy a phone aftermarket like this, make sure the seller guarantees it will activate on the Verizon network, by asking the seller for the ESN and then calling Verizon about it before you buy it.

I am thinking about buying a wx through my Alltel plan.

The Treo p runs a different operating system, the Palm OS. There are lots of menu’s and pull downs that you can’t access with the d-pad and more often than not forms and input boxes would not respond to the navigator either. My original Sprint voice plan actually pwlm includes unlimited data and web. Below the screen are the two soft keys, followed by the 5-way navigator and various shortcut buttons. On benchmark tests, the wx performed almost the same as the w did which makes sense after all, as it’s basically the same device.

But the battery didn’t solve the problem, so I decided to bu y a used Centro.

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