Using four tracks of audio with natural sound, voiceover and stereo music, we volume-adjusted tracks individually and ganged them together in groups with no problem at all. Installation was a breeze on our Athlon-based test system running Windows XP, and we were pleased to see a minor alteration to the break-out box – now providing a DV port as well as analogue AV sockets. TitleDeko RT is a broadcast-quality titler that gives you precise control over graphic text. I can’t answer your specific questions but I hope this info will be somewhat helpful. I’d like to dub corporate English videos to Portuguese.

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Pinnacle’s DV was the first dual-stream DV editing card to break into the mainstream prosumer market, and has proven to be one of the most popular DV cards to date.

Fair pricing petition Home.

Pinnacle DV DVD Specs – CNET

Pinnacle Systems DVTools software is a complete capture and device control palette, separate from the Adobe interface. A fine group of software products comes piggy-backed onto DV PLUS, enhancing the product and offering a wide range of output options. And, while analogue inputs and outputs are genuinely useful, we feel that the DV’s real-time functionality is a little too limited to be held up as a serious selling point. Even so, this pinncale of software choice can be vdd off-putting restriction.

Hopes this helps a bit.

Which mirrorless shooter is the master of low-light? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


Pinnacle DV500 PLUS Video Capture Board and Editing Software Review

On the positive side: In the latest news: The DV from Pinnacle Systems has been the solution of choice for thousands of desktop video editors around the world. Please enter your name here.

Enhance your productions with a vast range of effects from simple dissolves to complex 3D transitions, color correction and slow or fast motion. Dvs pinnacle effects are useful but very basic video adjustments, color correction, etc.

Pinnacle has always been at the forefront of affordable, real-time digital video in this new age of PC editing. Join our ongoing campaign.

Pinnacle DV500 DVD/DV500 Plus 4.5a beta

Alpha Magic FX is a group of gradient effects for non-traditional transitions that can be very effective and useful in enhancing creativity. Sigma Cine shows off new Burbank office. This is a useful tool if your tape contains multiple shots. Premiere uses a Pinnacle plugin called ‘Instant Video RT’ which enables it to interact with the DV for realtime effects, capturing, outputing, scrubbing, previewing, etc.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Given the relatively high prices of competing hardware encoders from Canopus and Vitec, we can only conclude that the DV DVD package offers by far the best all round value. Log into your account.

Add broadcast quality titles, graphics and filters, and with the latest dual stream technology you’ll see most of your changes instantly, without waiting to render! Conclusion As a real-time editing card, the DV’s thunder has long been stolen by Canopus’s DV Storm, just as its range of special effects has been out-classed by those of the Matrox RT The DV might be the veteran of real-time DV editing cards in the consumer arena, but Pinnacle isn’t ready to lay it to rest just yet.


In my work environment realtime effects aren’t a consideration and I’m satisfied with the product. The DV device control navigated us to the head of the clip and let us set in- and out-times.

I don’t use the connection for my work so I can’t comment on using an external monitor from the DV while working in VV3. DV PLUS is ideal for the budget-minded prosumer who wants a real-time hardware solution that offers new features and full integration into Adobe Premiere 6.

In particular, the audio mixer functions worked smoothly.

Pinnacle DV DVD review

With the sv500 of Premiere 6. Designed by Mark Newman. Putting five static titles over the sequence, we began to see render indicators but these renders some fairly complex with titles over transitions chugged along and finished in less than a minute.

Real-time Image Correction filters for changing hue, contrast and brightness controls. Adding some standard Premiere transitions and several of the elaborate but less-useful effects from the included plug-ins, we found that the DV PLUS handled two-stream real-time playback with ease.