Continue reading below for all the juicy details. But even though your phone is widely available for purchase across the U. An hour and half waisted. Now when I connect my Captivate to my computer, it doesn’t try to talk to Kies. Now, the only way I can send text messages is by deleting that message, finding their name in my phone, and sending them a new message. Log in to your Samsung Account. And importantly go for OEM’s original cable.

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Just that it worked for me. I had to install the 32 bit driver. My laptop bif actually not recognizing that my phone was there.

Installed and it is great. However when I start the process my phone indicate loading but nothing happend. I samsung captivate 64 bit you’ll be happy to know that if one types “samsung captivate how to connect to pc 64” into google, you come up as the second hit.

[Q] Window 7 64bit USB drivers for captivate?

Ask the Community Browse samsung captivate 64 bit, ask questions and get solutions from other Samsung customers. Great speaker, great microphone, great ambient-noise management, great processor speed, great camera, outstanding screen, tons of memory, the list goes on.

It took two days to get the problems resolved. Every time I plug in samsing Captivate into my Win 7 Ultimate x64 machine, it comes up with one of two different driver installation errors.

At any rate the USB drivers do work.

usb drivers – Windows can’t identify Samsung captivate glide – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

Now I need to find an app that prevents some of the pre-installed apps from running, like Media Hub and Voice Searching, every few minutes. Sadeshkumar Periyasamy 4, 17 Get the Galaxy you love.

Now I love it! At this point the phone captibate bricked there was a icon of a phone connected to a PC on the screen.

Thank you for visiting Samsung U. Samsung captivate 64 bit the end of the process, it gives out some captifate message, saying installation captiavte successful.

Share This Page Tweet. The screen will flash indicating screenshot As with any beta it will have problems. First, the computer is a newish, capable, reliable laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Create your Samsung Account First Name. I followed the steps which u said, but my problem was not yet resolved. Does anybody else have this problem?

Glad I switched to droid now. One is “unknown device” and the other is “failed to install drivers”. I restarted the phone twice but had to pull the battery out to do it. Samsung captivate 64 bit worry about USB debugging or anything, just connect your phone to the PC Everything will work as it is intended to whether you use Kies, no Kies or just Mass storage.

Photos and everything else on the SDcard 16gb are ok. Before I get into the USB connectivity issues, let me just say that this is a great phone. Got my teathering working perfectly now. GPS works much better and in general all apps seem to run faster.

The only issue that I am having is with my work e-mail via exchange web. Or continue shopping on Samsung. I had no samsung captivate 64 bit completing the upgrade, and it is working fantastic!