Video gaming products by Microsoft. Retrieved 5 August It worked fine on Windows 7, and still works on Windows By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Additionally, some soundcard gameports, and so-called accelerated game-ports – which attempted to resolve CPU overhead issues presented by polling the gameport directly themselves – such as those produced by Gravis, would not always be able to handle the stick in digital mode. Signatures can be seen inside the joystick, on the base coverplate. Hi, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and tried to use Microsoft’s Sidewinder Gameport Edition after i checked its compatibility here:

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Sidewinder Gamepad USB what Version?

Sorry this didn’t help. The Dual Strike attempted to blend both mouse and gamepad functions into a single unit. Microsoft discontinued the product in There is a bug in the Windows 8 joystick control panel sidewinder gamepad usb causes the joystick to be reported as non-functional.

Three buttons are located near the thumb in an arc.

Interestingly, as the PC sidewinfer port sidewinder gamepad usb input-only, the only way for data to be sent to the joystick to trigger force feedback events is to use the MIDI capabilities of the port. After all of these years, is this game pad still the cock of the walk? The main features dropped were Z-axis control sidewinder gamepad usb the 8-way hat switch.

Learning from their past mistakes, Microsoft introduced the SideWinder Precision Pro insidewinder gamepad usb the ergonomic issues, fixing some of the electrical issues, and adding new features. If you are using a sound card gameport the mfg of the sound card would sidwinder sidewinder gamepad usb for keeping up to date with game port drivers for Win7, as they would with the audio drivers for that card.


I felt like I had to press a little too hard to get the response I was looking for — and half the time I wound up getting too much response. The first one being that sidewinder gamepad usb wanted to be able to make the controller USB compatible. Tell us about your experience with sidewinder gamepad usb site. The line was first launched in It was a simple two button, three axis joystick.

Game must also support FFB.

Microsoft SideWinder – Wikipedia

However, due to a flaw gameepad the design of the Precision Pro, in rare cases the stick would build up a static charge sidewinder gamepad usb its electronics and require either a complex process to discharge that was not always successful, or simply needed to stay unpowered for a number of hours to slowly discharge on its own.

In this mode, manual calibration was required, the four base-buttons no longer function and, the joystick would function essentially like a CH Flightstick Pro or Thrustmaster FCS depending on the mode selector switch.

Infollowing a collaboration with Sidewinder gamepad usb in sidewinder gamepad usb the Microsoft Habu and Microsoft Reclusa, a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard sold under the plain Microsoft Hardware brand, Microsoft resurrected the SideWinder brand with an all-new SideWinder Mouse, designed from the ground up for high-end PC gaming.

Views Read Edit View history. It could also be set to communicate sidewindeg the sideqinder team, or globally to all players. sidewinder gamepad usb

Microsoft Sidewinder USB Gamepad

In addition, the mouse was made wireless, and the maximum DPI sensitivity was upped to The driver software also allowed it to function as a voice command device using programmable macros. Guess I got distracted by all the redundant information about the game-port model.


Also, several types of gamepads were made, such as the original game port version, a plug-and-play game sidewinder gamepad usb version, and the Sidewinder gamepad usb version. The Game Voice is an early voice chat device.

Sidfwinder of OctoberMicrosoft no longer offers any gaming mice or keyboards in the US. Well after trying sidewinder gamepad usb get the damn thing running for quite a while, going through all sorts of rigmarole on my computer with the support line tech who was actually very knowledgeable, pleasant, and helpfulI finally managed to get the second controller that was sent to us working on one of the machines sidewinder gamepad usb kicking and screaming some things that my mother would kick the bucket over.

Suddenly people could sit around their computers with their friends and play games together without too much difficulty. In spite of its value designation, the SideWinder Joystick was functionally similar to the Precision 2.

Microsoft Sidewinder USB Gamepad

The link is bellow sidfwinder this joystick been listed as been compatible for windows 7. Sidewinder gamepad usb D-pad itself is actually designed pretty well with a curved and comfortable design to keep you from getting blisters or some other thumb malady too fast.

For Anyone else with the same Problem: Abdul Sidewinder gamepad usb replied on August 24, Before we start throwing up on ourselves, lets get back to the bigger picture.