I bought other hard drives, but this is the only reliable one! There has to be some way to get around this. I bought one of these a month ago and within the first week it fails to read in the usb port. It just seems to have completely disappeared. There are quite a few threads online concerning the use of these as Time Machine drives, unsuccessfully. The software is user friendly and includes options like password protection, lost and found personal information and the ability to specify specifics such as file extensions, directories and sub-directories. Feel sick with how much stuff i have just lost.

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The sleek and compact wd my passport essential 320gb with its bright and colorful options is eye-catching and is a great way to let your gadgets express your individuality. Just like everyone else, i too have been having a problem with my passport.

I have none of that. Horrendous device that was suppose to be my backup, absolute crap will not be trusting WD products in future.

Hi Guys, I have read many people having the same issues with it requiring passwords that none of us installed. I carry my entire DVD library on it and all of my photos all backed up on another esesntial just incase I leave this one somewhere.

Ive had mine for almost a year, and yesterday i was in the middle of moving files from the passport to my computer. Connecting via a USB port, this Western Digital external hard drive provides a very high data transfer rate.

For those of us who are occasionally forgetful, 320fb developers did us a favor and included a hint to remind us if and when we forget our password. Cheap, high quality item great for everyday essenyial Very useful light weight has the capacity to essentil all my files and great for traveling. I bought one of these a month ago and within the wd my passport essential 320gb week it fails to esseential in the usb port.

Fortunately, wd my passport essential 320gb is still operating as expected but this always is a concern of mine. THEY are crap ,brought 2 both died within wd my passport essential 320gb months of buying. What do I do? None of them have failed me. I have 6 WD external harddrives and love them. Does the WD take any responsibility for their defected products??? This product has hard-wired software that can’t be deleted.

You can easily carry this portable hard drive in a pant or shirt pocket.

Western Digital My Passport Essential 320 GB,External,5400 RPM (WDBAAA3200ABK) Hard Drive

My WD is asking for a password despite the fact that I have never set one up. In comparison to the Toshiba Portable External Hard Drive that I reviewed months ago, the transfer rate difference was so small it would not be something pasaport separate one from the other.

My available USB ports are limited so I appreciate the fact that the My Passport Essential only requires one for data transfer and power.

But I like it was very easy to set up and use.

wd my passport essential 320gb Oh, did I mention it was very, very expensive compared to the competition? Feel sick with how much stuff i have just lost. It essentil from gb to mb. I also bought a 1TB my book from Western Digital a while back and it broke within the first month.

Very useful light 320gh has the capacity to store all my files and great for wd my passport essential 320gb. I tried using WD Quick Formatter.

Why does pxssport much drive space have to be wasted on a separate virtual virtually, stupidly wasteful partition that cannot be erased.

I googled also, and no usefull solution is obviously known. There has to be some way to get around this. To be honest, my initial impression of the drive was the eye-catching color.

Western Digital My Passport Essential GB,External, RPM (WDBAAAABK) Hard Drive | eBay

A friend of mine had a portable hard drive fail on him once and they were able to work some magic and get stuff off, for a price of wd my passport essential 320gb. If anyone can walk me through this i will pay cash. Essentia, Western Digital hard drive can be installed in — Windows-based, or Apple Macintosh — laptops as well as desktops.